When we’re threatened or intimidated, it means that someone is trying to put us in harm’s way.

This might have taken the form of bullying: someone threatened to hurt you, or intimidated you into fearing them.

Threats and intimidation are a kind of violence.

In fact, in courts of law, these activities are taken very seriously as precursors to harm. 

Think about the moment when you felt threatened or intimidated. What was your knee-jerk reaction? What about afterwards? Were you quick to invalidate your sense of fear or endangerment? 

Through the threat of harm, you experienced harm.

It’s okay if you felt fear in reaction to that. It’s a human response to being threatened or intimidated, and maybe it’s weighing on you even a long time after the fact.

The good news is, there is hope and help.

I invite you to seriously consider discussing your experience with a professional. Counselors and therapists can really help walk us through that trauma. I know it’s helped me a lot.

When have you felt threatened or intimidated, both in childhood and as an adult?

By Matt Burton