Recognizing trauma isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

Maybe you’re wondering, “Did I experience trauma? How do I know, and should I be worried?”

Traumatic experiences often manifest as PTSD, after the fact. PTSD is characterized by the following signs, which I also list on my website:

  • Reliving the Trauma: flashbacks or dreams that place you back in the event, making you feel as if you’re still there in the traumatizing situation.
  • Angry Outbursts: Feeling irritable and/or lashing out in anger is one way PTSD manifests. Emotional suffering can come out in the form of agitated outbursts. You also might experience extreme sadness or fear.
  • Withdrawal: Avoiding anything, or anyone, that reminds you of the trauma. This might lead to isolating yourself from loved ones.
  • Substance Abuse: Turning to substances that numb or distract from the pain. This can lead to a downward spiral of addiction, harming your everyday life.

Maybe you or a loved one is experiencing these symptoms. Help is out there.

PTSD is real and affects a lot of men, so you’re not alone. 

A first step is to seek out a professional, if you can, who can help you understand what you may be experiencing.

Once you know where your pain is coming from, you can begin the path to healing.

By Courtland McPherson, MSC, LCSW (Regular Guest Blogger)