When someone has experienced a trauma, their reaction is sometimes, “I never thought this kind of thing would happen to me.” 

We generally don’t like to think about the horrors of trauma.

It’s heartbreaking and damaging. So, even when we see others experiencing trauma, we can’t — and don’t want to — picture experiencing it ourselves.

Here’s the truth: nobody is immune to the possibility of trauma.

We’re all human, regardless of how strong we see ourselves or others as. 

There’s a pervasive myth that abuse is not really something men experience. However, it’s just that — a myth. Men can and do suffer abuse. The lie that they don’t is harmful to male victims of abuse, and it invalidates the fact that these men suffered. 

Regardless of age, size, ability, or gender, your trauma is valid.

Just because you’re a man, doesn’t mean the abuse wasn’t abuse. 

In my book, I discuss an experience where my adopted sister sexually abused me. When I finally came forward about this, people dismissed it because she was a girl around my age. They couldn’t see the reality of my trauma — and the reality that anyone can experience trauma.

Maybe you’ve just realized that you had a similar experience. Maybe the people you told, even ones you trusted, acted like it wasn’t a big deal. It was, and you deserve to process and heal from the abuse. I encourage you to seek help, from a professional therapist or a trusted loved one.

What are some previously (or currently) held beliefs you’ve had about who the victims of trauma are?

By Matt Burton