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Why I wrote this book:

     Men are suffering in silence and we don’t need to. This book is focused on breaking the silence, filling the void of very little resources available for us as men when it comes to healing our invisible wounds, with a very simple goal, that of helping men heal

From A Portion of The Unbound Man:

     If you picked up this book not so much as a trauma survivor but rather as a loved one of a male that you care about who has experienced trauma, I welcome you along, too. You will be making a major contribution to the life of that man or boy in your life just by handing them this book. You can let him know that if and when he chooses to share what he gained from reading it, you’ll be right there to listen and support him.
     And if you decide to read the book yourself, my hope is that what you learn about men and trauma will help you better understand the man you love and what he may be going through. Of course, it will be helpful for you to keep in mind that this is a book written more as a conversation from one guy (me) to hundreds or thousands of other guys. That’s the channel you’ll be tuning into. At times it may sound really different from your own experience, perspective and understanding. It’s my intention to write a book for and about men and their struggles with trauma because while there may be a large number of written resources for women facing trauma, the unfortunate reality is that there are very few similar resources for men. I’m hoping to help fill that void.
     If you have picked up this book because you’re a professional caregiver who offers therapeutic guidance and support to men, I welcome you to the conversation as well. As a male trauma survivor, I’ve got a lot to say. I hope it will prove useful to you.

What others are saying:

The Unbound Man provides the breakthrough answer to the problems millions of men who struggle with trauma face today.

The world encourages broken traumatized men to “Man up:” to bury their brokenness and not confront or deal with the root causes of their issues. Questions like: “How did I end up this way?” and “How can I break the shackles of the traumatic experiences in my past and heal myself?” are answered in The Unbound Man.

The stories are real, and the solutions heal. The author tells his story in raw, authentic, and direct manner which will encourage traumatized men to come out from hiding and get on the path to recovery.

The Unbound Man is truly a breakthrough work that will heal millions. I highly recommend it!

David Cole, Retired CEO of Outerwall (Coinstar/Redbox)

In our world today there are many trauma victims that are in desperate need of hope and don’t know where to turn. Their life has lost direction and purpose. Matt Burton was one of those persons, but he found both hope and healing with a level of determination and conviction that is unmatched. The Unbound Man is a courageous story of traumatic lifetime experiences, but it also describes an approach and roadmap to both hope and healing for men where they can find renewed purpose and meaning in their lives.

Denny Stoecklin, Chairman – Helping Men Heal/The Well | Retired CFO of Concordia University- Portland

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