Sometimes we have experiences that are so hard to talk about, that we leave them unspoken. They’re like gaping holes in the narrative we tell about ourselves. 

And the experiences themselves leave gaping holes in our lives.

Trauma is like a meteor that crashes into your life, leaving a crater-sized indent there.

This is especially true when that trauma goes unspoken, remaining invisible.

Think about how you view yourself, and how you present your life to others.

Do you try to convince yourself/others that you’re fine, and that your life is going great? 

The truth is, everybody has struggles. To ignore the part of you that has undergone trauma is to not tell the “hole” story. But your hardships are part of you, and ignoring them will not help you heal.

Here’s an exercise: draw a vertical line down the center of a piece of paper. On one side, lists your joys and accomplishments. On the other side, list your struggles and pains. Neither side is your whole story. Each thing you’ve listed is a part of your story, creating a whole picture.

What are the holes you haven’t acknowledged in your story?

By Matt Burton