Almost 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

When I started feeling sick, waiting for a diagnosis was excruciating. I was both anxious to get the results, and scared of what they might be. My family knew just as little as I did, and they were in a lot of pain not knowing what to expect.

You might’ve experienced something similar.

Visiting that doctor’s office, getting tested and knowing you won’t know the results for some time. Hoping that you’ll be ok. 

Then, following the diagnosis, the treatment. The toll it takes on your body and mind.

Even if you got through all that and came out healthy, the stress might not stop.

So much of the time you spent in that medical space was scary or painful. Returning, for reasons either related or unrelated to that illness, might bring you back to that dark place. 

Guys, it’s normal and even expected that the trauma of your illness is staying with you.

That experience wasn’t easy! Even if you’re physically better, the mental effects of the hardship aren’t gonna disappear overnight. 

There are supports out there, specific to medical trauma.

The Trauma Survivors Network offers peer support groups. Medical trauma counselling also exists. Talk about how you feel can take off a huge weight. You’re a superhero for having healed your body — you deserve a healthy mind too. 

What medical experiences have you had that impacted you not just physically, but emotionally?