During my time helping men with trauma, I’ve come to understand a first step that needs to be taken in healing: awareness. If you won’t let yourself become aware of your trauma, you can’t heal from it. 

You might start to be aware of difficult feelings, or possible symptoms. These can raise tough questions about where the feelings originated.

For example, maybe you feel hopeless more and more. Or you find yourself flashing back to a particular experience. You might not know whether to call it “trauma” yet, but you realize something’s off.

That’s an important first step! And it takes bravery to recognize your traumas. 

It can also be very overwhelming. Sometimes, we don’t acknowledge the trauma until long after it occurred. The feelings and pain can hit like a flood. 

Luckily, even if it’s been years since the traumatic event, it’s never too late to seek help. Trauma affects our lives, with no time limit. The suffering will keep going unless we acknowledge it first. 

Then, I encourage you to seek support. It’s tough, but you are not alone.

What are some emotions you’ve felt, associated with trauma?

By Matt Burton