Men's Group Purpose

The Unbound Men’s Healing Group
Unbound men healing groups are a safe place for men to share and hear others share about their challenge to overcome the impacts of trauma, abuse, disappointment, rejection and shame in their lives. A place to share their struggle with addictions and broken relationships which many times are symptoms of past trauma.

There are 160 million men and boys in the United States and a majority of them are survivors of trauma, abuse, hurt and pain.

Some of the invisible wounds’ guys have experienced include:

  • Physical, Sexual, Emotional/verbal abuse, Neglect and Bullying, Loss of homes, jobs, businesses or bankruptcy
  • Institutional and religious trauma
  • Divorce, emotionally absent parents, loss of a child due to death or loss of getting to see your child due to divorce; as well as, addicted, unfaithful or unstable parents or partners, unsafe home environment, multiple moves in childhood and suicide,
  • Homicide, domestic violence, any kind of violence and trauma from the court system
  • Medical trauma like cancer or other health conditions and collective trauma like the Coronavirus.

But our groups aren’t just to share our pain, but to discover ways to break the shackles of trauma and abuse in our lives. A place to learn more about our invisible wounds; they are sources of encouragement

where guys share what’s helping them get better.

Our format is simple:

It’s built on a framework of confidentiality, mutual respect, support and safety. And is always focused on healing

The groups are 60 – 90 minutes long depending on the size of the group. We meet once a week in person, by phone or meet via video platforms like zoom.

If you’d like to learn more about them or find a group…

Just go to website for more information.