How many times have you been told, or seen other men told, to “man up”?

Those two words seem to come out of the woodwork whenever a man shows vulnerability or pain.

The phrase “man up” makes it harder for men to heal, and warps our ideas of what ideal manhood is.

It encourages us to hide our pain, making us feel ashamed and isolated. When “being a man” becomes defined by acting stoic and unhurt, men in pain from trauma and abuse are ridiculed and silenced.

These beliefs are ingrained in us from a young age.

We’re surrounded by a culture that shames showing “weak” emotions, which is unhealthy and harmful to so many men.

It’s expressed in other sayings, too, like “boys don’t cry” and “suck it up.” The fact that we recognize these phrases shows how ingrained these ideas are.

Now, being vulnerable? That’s something that takes real strength. And you’ll never be less of a man for being open about your mental health. I encourage you to seek the help you need.

What other harmful lies do we tell about manhood?

By Matt Burton