Think about the last time you introduced yourself, or were introduced to someone by a friend. How long did it take before your job was mentioned?

For many of us, our jobs are a huge part of our identity. Our work is what we spend much of our time doing, and is often related to our greatest passions. 

This is one reason why a job loss can be so devastating. It can feel like a part of you has been rejected. There are also other ways losing a job can cause you distress, such as financial struggles, familial tensions, and emotional turmoil. 

In the time of coronavirus, job loss is becoming more and more common. For many, this loss is a source of shame and grief. But you’re not alone.

As you search for a next step, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the support you need — and that your family is, too. It helps to process the loss on both a personal and familial level. 

During these hard times, remember that you’re worth more than just your job. You have valuable things to offer to the world, and your pain at this loss is also valid.

How have you experienced job loss as a form of grief?

By Matt Burton