One of trauma’s detrimental effects is that it can be cyclical. How many times have you heard people say, “abuse survivors often go on to abuse others”? 

This is because hurting people often hurt people. They lash out of their pain. They believe their trauma is just what everyone must go through, or they feel unheard and resort to anger. 

There’s a way to stop this cycle, though, and the continuum of hurt it creates.

It helps to learn more about your suffering.

When you understand where your pain comes from, you can more clearly see how it’s manifesting in your life today. 

There’s a technique called the 3 A’s. Its steps are: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. Here is what each step means:

  • Awareness: Recognize that something’s not right in your life and reactions. Open your eyes to how you’re hurting other people, and how you, yourself, are hurting.
  • Acceptance: Accept that you experienced trauma, and that the pain from it is real. Continuing to ignore this could hurt you even further.
  • Action: Take steps to get help for the issues you’ve named. Just recognizing your trauma is a crucial step, but you won’t heal if you just stop there.

Guys, both you and your loved ones will benefit from these actions. You’ll find that healing will put an end to that world of hurt you’ve been experiencing.

In what ways have you hurt others, as a result of your own pain?

By Matt Burton