There are so many people in your life who love you. Have you ever thought about the way they show it? How do you show someone you love them?

The 5 love languages is a tool (created by Gary Chapman) that outlines 5 different ways people like to be shown love.

This tool helps us identify how we prefer to receive care and affection, as well as what others prefer. Here are the 5 love languages, as well as an example of each:

  • Quality Time: You spend a day with a loved one, free of phones and distractions.
  • Acts of Service: You help a loved one with a big project or event they’ve been planning.
  • Words of Affirmation: You and a loved one share compliments, reminding each other of the good you see in one another.
  • Receiving Gifts: You exchange thoughtful gifts with a loved one.
  • Physical Touch: You wrap a loved one in a warm embrace.

Did one of these examples feel more caring to you than the others? That means it’s your love language — the way you prefer to be shown affection. 

On the flip side, someone you love might have an entirely different love language. Maybe your wife tends to give you gifts, because that’s how she likes to be shown love. It might not seem that way to you, though, because you expect to see love in a different form. 

The next time you want to show how much she means to you, you might consider giving her a gift.

Responding to and affirming someone’s love language, once you know it, is a great way to bond with them. 

In sum, knowing love languages can help you know how to ask for love, as well as how to show it to others. Take the love languages test here to learn what yours is!

How can you share with others what your love language is?

By Matt Burton