When one person heals, it impacts others in their life — loved ones, supporters, etc.

Giving yourself permission to start the healing path will also be a win for those you love, because they want to see you thrive.

They want you to be happy, because it makes them happy to see you enjoying life.

There’s sometimes a fallacy that healing from your trauma will only burden your loved ones. So many men suffer in silence, because they think it’s what’s best for those around them.

However, that’s not true.

Your friends and family don’t want you to keep your pain from them.

In fact, telling them about your healing journey gives them the tools to support you. It’s not a burden to share about your pain — it’s giving them the opportunity to help you out. They’ll most likely appreciate your vulnerability, and you’ll become even closer than before.

Collective healing is possible. Often, our pain hurts those around us. When we embark on the healing journey together, everybody wins.

One way to support a traumatized man in your life is to ask him what he needs and offer resources, like a counselor or support group. Not only will this benefit him, but it’ll improve your life as well.

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What is one way you could see your life improving, if a man in your life begins to heal?

By Matt Burton