What do you think of when you imagine talking through your trauma?

Probably a sparse therapist office, with maybe a shelf of books and a couch. Everything is still as you discuss what happened. Right?

You might feel like squirming or fidgeting just thinking about that.

Maybe you’re thinking, “that works for others, but Matt, I just can’t do that!”

If the stillness of therapy works for you, that’s great.

But in my experience of talking to guys about trauma, a lot of them like doing things while they talk. What does this look like? It might take the form of:

  • Talking over a cup of coffee or food
  • Talking on the phone (safely) while driving
  • Talking at the gym while doing a physical activity

These aren’t just abstract ideas. When I meet with guys to talk to them, we do these things! For example, while we’re working through hard stuff, we’re also relieving stress by shooting hoops. 

I invite you to do an activity while you’re talking through your trauma. You might find it eases things up for you.

What activity could you do while you’re healing?

By Matt Burton