There are many tools that can help your healing journey. One of these is the ACEs Test, or Adverse Childhood Experiences Test.

The ACEs test can be found here. It will ask you questions about experiences you may have had before your 18th birthday. Before taking the test, I suggest that you find someplace safe and comfortable. The questions are straightforward, but some might be difficult reminders.

The test has 10 questions, each relating to a type of childhood trauma.

Five of them discuss trauma that’s directly experienced, and five discuss things that happened to others but that can still traumatize you. It’s not exhaustive, but its focus is on household abuse, neglect, and dysfunction.

When this test was first introduced, it revealed a correlation between childhood trauma and behaviors/health issues later in life.

For example, your childhood trauma might make you more vulnerable to substance abuse. 

I’ve had friends take this test. Many are surprised by their results.

Regardless of the amount of trauma you’ve experienced, any trauma we experience is significant and deserves to be acknowledged. 

I invite you to take this quick but enlightening test. It might help you gain perspective on your past, so you can better understand the struggles you face in the present. 

What is your ACE score, and what is your initial response to it?

By Matt Burton