About Matt Burton

Author of The Unbound Man

Matt Burton

           Matt Burton’s life has been one spent in two different worlds. A baby born to a white collar, Caucasian mom and a blue collar, African American dad. A childhood that began in the inner city and ended in rural America. A former on-air personality for Z100 Radio in Portland and KZMG, Magic 93.1 in Boise.

     Matt is a charismatic, humorous and inspiring speaker and communicator. He graduated  from Concordia University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and Communications. At age 19, Matt launched a ground breaking for profit endeavor called Romeo Productions. This multimedia entertainment company quickly rose to become the largest of its kind in Oregon by his 21st birthday.

     Several years later, tiring from the demands of the media and entertainment industry, Matt was recruited into the Insurance and Healthcare Industry, and over the next several years worked for Regence BlueCross BlueShield and Denkor in roles focused on Sales, Marketing and Communication.

     Despite much early life success, Matt didn’t find this work to fulfill is more central passion to serve the hurting and underserved. In a step of courage and faith, he walked away from the financial security he enjoyed in his positions within healthcare.

     Matt then founded Extraordinary Young People, a non-profit focused on serving traumatized and hurting Native American young people and their families on Indian Reservations. During the organizations startup period, Matt lived on the Crow Indian Reservation in Crow Agency, Montana – less than a mile from the Little Big Horn Battlefield in Southeastern Montana.

     Over the almost decade that followed, as President and CEO, Matt grew EXYP into a multi-state organization that provided critical services in the areas of physical, emotional, spiritual recovery and health for thousands of Native American youth and their families. During his time with EXYP, Matt was recognized by Concordia University Board of Regence and Board of Directors as an Alumni Ambassador exemplifying organizational & non-profit leadership success.

     After that heavy lift, Matt took a break from non-profits to lead projects focused on affordable housing as well as consulting for non-profits in the area of Fundraising Development. With at that time over 21 years in areas of Trauma and loss recovery experience, Matt was drawn back in 2011, to fulfill a lifelong vision of creating an innovative, evidence based Trauma and Loss recovery and healing model that links the healing of the symptoms of trauma and loss with the healing of the root traumas themselves.

     Matt has drawn the best, brightest and most passionate mental health, social service, governmental, education and research experts within the fields of Male Trauma and Loss recovery and healing. Matt has founded and led multiple organizations over the last 25 year have engaged and addressed Male Trauma Healing. Leader, Speaker, Trauma Survivor, and now Author of the book “The Unbound Man – Breaking free from the shackles of Trauma experienced by Men; to be released in January, 2020.

     Matt Burton is a social entrepreneur, a father, a grandfather, a son, a husband, and an abuse survivor with a lifelong vision of creating a place and process for helping men heal from their invisible wounds. Matt is quickly becoming the voice of the Men’s Healing Movement.
Often, society says men should hide their emotions when, in reality, showing emotion is one of the bravest things a person can do.

     Matt Burton is changing the norm for men.
Hiding invisible wounds is not healthy. Pain from abuse, addiction, depression, and disappointment must be processed.

     Matt has made a process that helps men heal from these invisible wounds by creating a place that is safe to come to with these hard-to-deal-with feelings.
When men unshackle themselves from their pain, they will change their lives.

     From group homes to college campuses, prisons to board rooms, Matt has helped thousands of men heal from trauma, loss, addiction, and pain and reclaim their lives.
Matt has a wife, 3 kids and 3 grandkids and lives in Seattle