Interview with Matt Burton

Interview with Matt Burton as a part of Men’s Recovery Month. A bit of Matt’s story from the interview:

Praises For The Unbound Man

Matt Burton opens the door to his soul with his book The Unbound Man. It is this opening that will provide a foundation for other men to share their stories, use his framework, and find their path to healing. Matt shows other men how their stories matter and courageously demonstrates through his words that they do not have to suffer in silence or go it alone. This book will become a staple of my professional library. It will be a tool and resource for those who are working on their journey of healing. The Unbound Man is a must-read for understanding the traumas men often face. This book is honest, raw and moving, but most of all – offers hope that healing is not only possible but achievable.

Courtland McPherson, MSW, LCSW, Psychotherapist | CVO, Little Red Telescope Psychotherapy

An extremely powerful story of a young man, from his childhood days through his young adulthood years, who has experienced trauma. His eventual and unwavering faith prepared him for a life of humility before men, but through injustices – large and small – he came to realize that he would not remain a victim. Matt has chosen to tackle a subject that’s “taboo ” in our culture but historically impacts generations. Matt’s story of The Unbound Man certainly, through examples of courage, provides the reader the opportunity to overcome and move forward.

B. Maurice Ward, CDP, CV, MRT | Administrator/DSHS-(JJ&RA) | Director of Diversity & Inclusion

This book is a must-read for men who have experienced trauma and know it, men who have experienced trauma and have been ignoring it, those who know men who have experienced trauma, and for professionals who help men deal with trauma. Matt’s story is about hope and finding purpose and meaning that could set us free.

Fariborz Pakseresht, Director, Oregon Department of Human Services

The Unbound Man provides the breakthrough answer to the problems millions of men who struggle with trauma face today.

The world encourages broken traumatized men to “Man up:” to bury their brokenness and not confront or deal with the root causes of their issues. Questions like: “How did I end up this way?” and “How can I break the shackles of the traumatic experiences in my past and heal myself?” are answered in The Unbound Man.

The stories are real, and the solutions heal. The author tells his story in raw, authentic, and direct manner which will encourage traumatized men to come out from hiding and get on the path to recovery.

The Unbound Man is truly a breakthrough work that will heal millions. I highly recommend it!

David Cole, Retired CEO of Outerwall (Coinstar/Redbox)

Matt Burton unflinchingly and honestly shares his experiences of trauma. He relays his stories knowing they will lift the burden of trauma off other men and let them know they aren’t alone. The Unbound Man conveys a message of hope, healing, and solidarity.

Anonymous | the mom of a young man that took his own life

LOVED IT! I already told my Special Treatment teams about it. Can’t wait for them to read it. I think this will be EXTREMELY helpful to our youth.

Jennifer Jaworski, Psy.D., LCPC | Chief Of Mental Health, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice

Matt Burton thoughtfully confronts the messages that prevent men from understanding their trauma. He shows deep insight into how healing can happen, using examples from his own life to show that betterment really is possible.

Chris Keefer, Foundation Trustee and Business Leader

In our world today there are many trauma victims that are in desperate need of hope and don’t know where to turn. Their life has lost direction and purpose. Matt Burton was one of those persons, but he found both hope and healing with a level of determination and conviction that is unmatched. The Unbound Man is a courageous story of traumatic lifetime experiences, but it also describes an approach and roadmap to both hope and healing for men where they can find renewed purpose and meaning in their lives.

Denny Stoecklin, Chairman – Helping Men Heal/The Well | Retired CFO of Concordia University- Portland

Matt is tackling a subject that’s “left behind” in culture, one that impacts generations, culture and community. There’s hope and, while based in trauma, the stories of redemption provide us the courage to press forward; The Unbound Man is the guidebook.

Jeff Rogers, Chairman of OneAccord

Matt’s story of his life journey is gripping and inspiring. He has a distinctive way of dealing with the complex subject of personal trauma in very understandable ways. The book is worth reading for practical insights alone, such as Healing Trauma Reminders and Insights for Loved Ones. Of particular delight to me were his insightful comments on our broken culture from his distinct, both Caucasian and African-American viewpoint. As a fighter pilot who survived the chaos and trauma of the Vietnam War, I could only say, “Matt, I would fly on your wing any day!”

Dr. Ted Roberts, Bestselling Author| Pastor | Sexual Addiction and Trauma Counselor

As Assistant Executive Director of an organization that represents state and local directors of the juvenile justice systems throughout the country, I believe that that Matt’s book The Unbound Man provides an interesting, introspective look into how males view and respond to trauma in different ways, which left unaddressed often leads to destructive behaviors that can have long lasting impact on their lives. This is a must-read for not only males who are experiencing or have experienced trauma, but for anyone who lives, coaches or works with males of any age.

Wendi Faulkner, Assistant Executive Director, Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators

Sexual, physical and emotional trauma are not topics we associate with men. Matt Burton has made it his mission to change that. Through this book Matt speaks with compassion and practiced encouragement to men who suffer from the effects of trauma. His personal accounts of several types of trauma and his journey toward healing are told frankly, and his determination and many uses of supportive groups and individuals lay a groundwork for others to pursue their own healing. Every man should read this book.

Philip W. Harris Ph.D., Department of Criminal Justice, Temple University

Trauma often leads to destructive behaviors, which can land men and kids in prison or the juvenile justice system. Matt is working to help men and youth recognize how their trauma is impacting their lives and behaviors and then helps guide them through the recovery journey.
Matt’s book is timely for those of us within the criminal and juvenile justice systems who are beginning to tackle the issues of trauma affecting the men and youth we serve.
Understanding the traumas youth and adult prisoners have suffered can provide staff with an understanding of where certain behavioral issues come from, help them better recognize what triggers these behaviors, and provide them with insight that helps de-escalate situations and behaviors in way that improves the overall atmosphere and reduces incidents of violence within the “prison” setting. This book should be required reading for all staff working in correctional environments, particularly within the juvenile justice system.”

Mike Dempsey, Executive Director Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators (CJCA) | CJCA represents the youth correctional CEOs in 50 states, Puerto Rico, & major metropolitan counties

Matt has written a guide—a call to heal—that is compassionate, non-judgmental and eminently approachable. But do not mistake accessibility for an uninformed perspective! It is very clear that Matt has experience and education behind his wisdom. However, he has chosen to bring a voice that welcomes, encourages, that never gives up hope over academic facts or promoting a particular curriculum. This is what many men—or those in their lives seeing them suffer—need most. This is done in the framework of his own immensely powerful story. Never boastful, never self-promoting, but instead selfless and positive. If you or a loved one even suspects they may have unresolved trauma, Matt has laid it all on the line for you. As someone who has seen some of the worst that trauma can do on a daily basis; as Matt’s cancer surgeon I am someone who has seen Matt’s fight, his positivity and his grace, I can truly say that this is an incredible book.

S. David Cho, MD, FACS, Portland, Oregon.

All too often, we in corrections and the public focus solely on the trauma these men commit on others, not recognizing that they are in many cases reacting out of their own trauma.

Matt Burton’s book, The Unbound Man, goes beyond the destructive behaviors that are the results of trauma from men. He peels back the pain and helps to shed light both through his own experiences and the experiences of others on the impact of unattended male trauma – not just to that man himself, but to others around him. Even better, he shares what worked for him to move beyond the trauma to find health and wholeness, to break the shackles of trauma. This book is a must read not just for justice Involved men, but also for those who work with them.

Scott Semple, Retired Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Corrections

Mathew Burton is a gift. He connects with people in a way that cannot be taught, and actively and consistently (and necessarily bluntly) reminds us that recovery is possible for those that commit to action. Matt has remarkable insight and compassion for survivors as well as those whose lives are impacted by the shockwave that emanates from personal trauma.

Todd Marker, Partner, Alpine Pacific Capital, LLC

Matt Burton courageously shares his story of discrimination, abuse, heartbreak, and trauma in a number of ways that men can relate to. In his story, you will find one common theme: the desire to help men heal. Regardless of your story or your current or past situation, Matt wants you to know you’re not alone as he and other men walk beside you and as you find the strength to unbind yourself from shame.

Sam Louie, M.A., LMHC, Psychotherapist, Speaker | Author of Asian Shame and Addiction: Suffering in Silence